A Timeline of Ukraine’s Conflicts

Historical Background Features Ukraine
A History of Conflicts


In this overview, Ukraine’s history of conflicts, conquerors and political flux is illustrated via a timeline from 1200 to WW2, at which time Ukraine came under Soviet control. On August 24, 1991, Ukraine wrested her independence from Communist rule. These timelines show a history of Ukraine’s seemingly ever-present battle to cling to its independence – a battle to protect her culture, her heritage and, most of all, her unique identity.

For more, join Chrystyna in this interview with Grace Sammon in the radio show, Storyteller where she talks about the research, experiences and her process in getting the history into the historical fiction.

They took her country.
But they will never take her courage.

Spy, lover, patriot: The Wehrmacht invades Ukraine, and Antonia and her resistance fighters are battling on two fronts: the Soviet and the German. But when the SS surrounds the village her sister’s family is hiding in, Antonia must decide whether to leave the relative safety of the underground. Will she join her family on a dark journey to the west – to the dreaded camps?

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Six voices. Six stories. One portrait.

The award-winning short-story collection. Join poets and partisans, artists and dissidents as they navigate their way through WW2 Ukraine. Available now in all formats!


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