Behind the Words

My focus is on historical fiction with a special interest in how my characters develop under great duress, in conflict, and whether it’s going to be the good, the bad or the ugly that comes out of them. Writing strong women characters gives me a real kick, as does exploring cultural clashes, languages, and relationships.
When I am not working on my projects, I buzz around the area as a business communications trainer, consultant, and coach with my own training pool.
I am always looking for ways to broaden my horizons and help others, too. I enjoy connecting with people and challenging myself and others to look from different perspectives.
When I rest on my laurels, it’s to spend quality time with my family, our friends, our dog, our cat, and our garden. To bring me back to the real world, I love cooking up a storm and sharing in the pleasures of good food and good company. That, mountain hikes, and the sea are fodder for my soul and creativity.
What are you reading? What do you think of my books? Reach out and ask me anything about my writing or my stories. I look forward to engaging with you!

Chrystyna Lucyk-Berger

Historical Fiction Author
English Communiction Coach
Creative Development Coach