The Reschen Valley Series

The World War II Series

The Reschen Valley Series

The Reschen Valley Series Box Set

Season 1: 1920 – 1924

She wants her home. He wants control. The Fascist regime wants both.

Contains the first two books and the prequel.

Dive into the little-known history of Italy’s South Tyrol and discover what lies beneath the surface.

Coming April 2021

Book 4
How do you take a stand when the enemies lurk within your own home?

1938. South Tyrol. Katharina, Angelo, and Annamarie are confronted by the oppressive force created by Mussolini’s and Hitler’s political union. Angelo puts aside his prejudices and seeks an alliance with old enemies; Katharina fights to keep her family together as the valley is forced to choose between Italian and German nationhood, and Annamarie finds herself in the thick of a fascist regime she thought she understood. All will be forced to choose sides and none will escape betrayal.

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Book 1
A plan to flood a valley. A means to destroy a culture.

1920. Former Austrian Tyrol. The Great War is over but a new conflict has begun. When Katharina Thaler finds an injured Italian veteran on her mountain, saving him will thrust both into a labyrinth of prejudice, corruption and greed.

Book 2
Burying the past comes at a high price...

1924. Northern Italy. When the Fascist floodgates burst, Katharina must reach out to the one man whom she’s sworn to forget. Follows directly after No Man’s Land.

Book 3
On the journey to discovering who she is, Annamarie finds out who she is not.

1937. South Tyrol. Annamarie snaps up her ticket out of the Reschen Valley in the form of a politician’s son and fascist uniform. But the confrontations have just begun…

The Prequel
Pride goes before the fall.

1900s South Tyrol. Fritz Hanny, the antagonist in the first two books of the series, creates and descends into his own hell.

...vivid and intriguing...will have you mesmerized from page one.
Kristi Saare Duarte The Transmigrant

The World War II Series

Six Voices. Six Stories. One Portrait.

Join artists and poets, dissidents and partisans as they navigate their way to freedom.

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Not all battles are fought by soldiers.

Absolutely heartbreaking and gripping World War 2 historical fiction

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…this book is exceptional. I cannot praise it highly enough. These stories are profound, well-written, and beautifully told.
Pamela Allegretto Bridge of Sighs and Dreams